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John Getter works with organizations to accomplish the impossible every day. Through his motivational-style entertaining leadership programs, he gives managers and executives techniques and practices to drive their employees beyond motivation into accomplishment. It was the science of motivation that took us to the moon! John is especially effective at helping leaders connect with their team members. His clear, understandable and science-based presentation helps bring together both believers and non-believers of the leader’s stated goals to achieve productive and successful teamwork. Great leaders know people are motivated not by rah-rah, but by real-real. As the legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau said, “The impossible missions are the only ones that succeed.”


His insights have been featured in the National Speakers Association’s SPEAKER Magazine and the Houston Chronicle. John is serving a second term as the president of the National Speakers Association of Las Vegas and was named 2016 Member of the Year. An Emmy-winning broadcaster and author of three books about space exploration, he spent decades covering the space program and was seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News and CNN. He then served as a senior vice president of an aerospace media company supporting the space shuttle and MIR space station while developing the first media facilities for the International Space Station.


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John Getter
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