Motivation, leadership and performance speaker John Getter is an Emmy-winning writer, storyteller producer and former business executive who helps form powerful, cohesive teams entrusted to foster strong partnerships to produce superior results.

John will empower your organization to:

  • focus on compelling communication
  • harness the art of positive listening
  • embrace the spirit of exploration to discover new levels of excellence in all phases of business and life
  • explore guided by powerful positive listening
  • push yourself, pull others

John shows you through the Power of Positive Listening how astronauts and other explorers create a unique understanding of the value of effective relationships. They have learned how to form focused teams held together by powerful communication and trust as they prepare relentlessly for each mission.


When mastered, this teamwork allows you to connect with friends, colleagues, co-workers and customers. Silence often is the key to elicit information, commitment and understanding.


Using compelling, sometimes stunning and always entertaining video and stories combined with active audience involvement, you will end your day with a renewed passion for creating results.


Commit to excellence in business and in your life. Embrace how the astronauts turned disasters into historic achievement. Challenges and change MUST be faced with courage. See how to make the past a foundation upon which to build, not a deep hole that seemingly can never be filled up.


If you are looking for a keynote to inspire and motivate your employees to increase sales, boost morale, rally teamwork and ultimately improve business, John’s message is out of this world!

Make John a part of your next event.