What does it take to be a world leader in any field? What is it that sets the few who lead apart from the many who follow? What was it that made 12 men into moonwalkers and convinced generations there was nothing they could not accomplish? Find out from someone who knows the secrets of those heroes.


John shares the motivation and experience learned first-hand from working with astronauts, explorers, visionaries, creative geniuses and extremely successful business leaders to help you discover the keys to your potential greatness. Exceptional achievements are most often the result of simple but profound choices. Learn about making those choices in “Be a Moonwalker.”


The now and the next are all that matters. Embrace and understand what is behind you and then move forward.


That is the essence of how astronauts, the inspirational people who fly spaceships, go about the business of creating excellence, exploring the unknown and creating new understanding wrapped in the greatest of human adventures. In “Spaceships Have No Rearview Mirrors,” John Getter shares the insights and practical measures used by the world’s greatest explorers. These actions create an environment that leads to success based on a clear vision of your current situation and a goal-focused future.


The first step is to overcome fear of failure. The second step is to overcome fear of success. Both depend on reaching the heartfelt conclusion that you are capable of greatness.


John brings real stories of success and failure to help you define and grasp what you need to do in your life to move to the next level. While the famous story of Apollo 13, “Failure is not an Option,” is known to millions, it is just one example of how a laser focus and sticking to goals can stop potential disaster in its tracks.


What did the man on the moon do to control the fear and nervousness threatening to overwhelm him? What did the crew of a space shuttle do when sudden depression and illness placed an orbiting scientist on suicide watch? What did the families of the final crew of the Challenger do that allowed them to proclaim mission success? How did they turn situations such as this from potential failure to greatness?


This presentation contains the amazing, inspiring and sometimes very funny stories of how people discovered the greatness within themselves and became an inspiration to all around them. As Gene Cernan, the final Apollo astronaut on the moon, said from a quarter-million miles from home, “I stood on the shoulders of giants.”


“Spaceships Have No Rearview Mirrors” will help you become one of those giants.


Learn to successfully handle any question from anyone, anytime, anywhere. Proven techniques will enhance your reputation and respect with all audiences including broadcast interviews, public presentations, business meetings, sales presentations and stockholder sessions. Sessions include audience participation and opportunities to try out these new skills.