The Moonwalkers™ Series

Untold Stories: Space Race to Space Shuttle

Untold Stories: Space Race to Space Shuttle

Join Emmy-winning and veteran television reporter John Getter as he shares the history of space exploration in his best-selling Moonwalkers™ series available in paperback and all e-book formats. Read his personal experiences and inside stories of the space shuttle and the jaw-dropping facts and secret decisions previously known only to a handful of technicians, cosmonauts and astronauts that marked both the early Soviet and American space programs. John includes photographs from his personal collection as well as images from official sources.

Moonwalkers: To The Moon

To The Moon

Starting with Amazon best-seller Volume 1
“TO THE MOON,” John shares many previously untold stories of the early days of the space race from Sputnik to Gagarin to the women known as the Mercury 13 and finally to Neil Armstrong’s first footstep on the moon. John Getter shares why the then-Soviets beat the Americans everywhere but to the moon. Get answers to questions such as: Why did Yuri Gagarin and the early Russian cosmonauts never land in their capsules? Who were the Mercury 13? And what does mowing the lawn have to do with winning the space race? Learn how America’s obsession with “better” ultimately beat the Soviet’s “good enough.”

Moonwalkers: Star Truck

Star Truck

In his second Amazon best-seller “STAR TRUCK,” Volume 2 of his best-selling Moonwalkers™ series, John shares the history and personal experiences of the first reusable space vehicle. Join him on this journey through the joys and frustrations of the human adventure of the space shuttle and exploration, from its inception during the first American walk on the moon to the last shuttle flights. Share the humor of the “cola wars” in space and find out which famous astronaut signed a personal note to John “a footnote in history.” Read John’s reaction to the loss of personal friends and exceptional achievers in the Challenger and Columbia accidents and the cover-ups that followed, forever linking the causes of both tragedies. And examine the dangerous and potentially devastating effects resulting from the decision to end the space shuttle program prematurely.

Moonwalkers: Timeline


In Volume 3 “TIMELINE,” John returns to the space race with a personal detailed overview of the sometimes treacherous and deadly voyage that led to us taking the first steps off this planet into space and onto the moon. John shares the dates, names, places and critical decisions that led to the triumphs and tragedies of space exploration. Beginning with the founding of the Soviet and American space agencies after WWII, John takes us on a day-by-day journey through American and Soviet space exploration from the birth of NASA in 1958 and the first man in space – a Soviet – through the 1972 last walk on the moon – an American. Discover why Russian cosmonauts urinate on a vehicle tire before every flight and what became the politically incorrect catchphrase all astronauts hear as they prepare to climb into their spacecraft. Learn more about and marvel at the triumphs, disasters and cover-ups that were such an integral part of the Cold War race to the moon.