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The Final Mission
of the Challenger

It was a national tragedy that broke hearts around the world. But the mission of the first teacher in space continued and became more successful than anyone might have imagined.

Is Life

John shares his experience learning to become a pilot and compares that experience to life.

What Others Say:
Willie Jolley

Willie Jolley strongly endorses John Getter as an inspiring and impactful speaker for your next event.

Achieving Excellence
for Customers

John shares his insights about what your customers or clients really want and how to achieve excellence for customers.

or Nuts?

Do you worry about competition or do you worry about your customers? John explains why envisioning customer’s needs is paramount to the success of a business.

Be a


Moonwalkers inspire others to greatness. “Be a Moonwalker” is about how you can become a moonwalker in your personal and professional life. No spaceship required.

Life is Not a

Perfect Plan

Everything I need to know about dealing with the daily tribulations was taught in flight school.

The Pen That Would

Save Apollo 11

In “Be a Moonwalker,” the audience learns how even the mundane, in this case a ballpoint pen, can change history. The key? Working to create excellence by exploring limits.

How a Pen

Changed History

This is the story of how the Fisher Space Pen saved the crew of Apollo 11 from being marooned forever. Creative excellence combined with common sense to explore, as JFK said, not because it is easy, but because it is hard.

Exploring Means

Touching the Future

The inspiration of one explorer can resonate for generations and change the lives of countless people. For example, Apollo 11 inspired a surgeon to create miracles for war-hero amputees.



John spoke to the National Speakers Association Las Vegas chapter about enhancing perceived value with effective and powerful stories. What makes a common ballpoint pen more valuable? What makes a speaker more valued? Answer: a great story.

Service and Generosity.

A Short Story of Grace

John was asked to tell a short story to a storytelling workshop at the National Speakers Association Las Vegas chapter. It was led by the great Patricia Fripp who asked him to speak.

What Patricia Fripp

Thinks of John Getter

One of the pre-eminent speakers in the world knows a thing or two about great story-telling and speaking. What does Patricia Fripp think of John Getter?